I live in NY, USA. I live under tyranny.

Oh sure, perhaps we haven’t seen the worst of it yet, but it is coming. My right to exercise my religion, my right to decide what I wish to purchase and what not to, and my right to protect myself and my family are under constant attack and already greatly diminished.

Say what you want, but it is tyranny. When fundamental rights are diminished or dismissed in hurried secret meetings by secret legislative and executive cabals, you live under tyranny.

For when tyrants no longer fear ballots, they come after your bullets. Tyrants are not stupid. They must remove any lasting threat. Your ability to join with your neighbor to say ‘no’ and to defend that action with force is the only thing that threatens them.

So if liberty is not to completely die in this country, what must happen?

First let me say, secession is a fool’s errand. As attractive as it may seem, it comes with a lot of unnecessary baggage that distracts from the cause.

What needs to happen is for several states to simply say no. No more. The federal government has broken the bonds of legitimate authority and states are no longer obliged to go along. States have rights too.

States need to simply say no. When the feds pass laws that abrogate the rights of its citizens, the states need to simply say no. Not here. Good luck enforcing it. And not just for intrastate commerce, across the board. HHS mandate, sorry not here. Citizens of this state can buy or not buy what they want. We will prosecute any federal employee who tries to enforce the penalty. Try us.

States also need to say no to the spending. They should pass amendments to their constitutions that prohibit sending more the 15% of the state GDP to the Feds and then withhold the money. The Feds will certainly respond by cutting off programs and other measures, but the States must take it on the chin. If enough of them do it at the same time, the Feds will be stuck. They can play that game and win with a few states, but if 10 do it simultaneously? Perhaps not.

They also need to say no to unfunded and funded mandates. They should reject the Federal money and decide for themselves which social programs they want and which they don’t.

Do not get me wrong, this would be messy, imperfect, protracted and would likely have myriad unintended consequences. But if liberty is to survive in this country, the states must rebel. But this time don’t leave the Union, save it.

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