Many secularist progressives are just plain anti-human. They’re not pro-choice, they’re anti-human.

Here you’ve got the liberal Young Turks and they’re doing a story on this huge differential between the number of men and women in China. The anchor of the show initially calls the tyrannical one-child policy of China “stupid.” When he said it I was immediately impressed with him. For a moment. Then he backtracks. He says maybe he shouldn’t call it “stupid.” He acknowledges that China had a population problem and he ends with saying that the one-child policy goes against his instincts.

That’s not exactly the strongest condemnation in the world, is it? He can’t even say it’s stupid. Then he says he understands it. And then he says it goes against his instincts. But it’s not his fault.

Even geniuses like Joe Biden get caught in this problem. Remember he said he wouldn’t second guess China’s one-child policy that includes forced abortions and gendercide on an unfathomable scale.

But you see, they hold pro-environment anti-human principles as the bedrock of their progressive faith but then they remember that they’re pretending to be “pro-choice.” This is not true. They’re pro-abortion. But they know they can’t say it.

They don’t have a belief that life is sacred because it’s on that right that all other rights stand. So they have no actual belief in rights. That’s why everything to them becomes a right. If everything is a right, nothing is a right.

And you have the government as a sort of “rights” factory, minting new rights with each legislative session even when new rights are mutually exclusive with the old rights. In fact, that’s preferable because then they can start getting rid of the rights that they’re not all that fond of like the right to free speech and religious freedom.

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