Pro-life Democrats in New York are standing up against radical abortion legislation from Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo but they’re shocked…shocked I say to discover that the Democrat Party is pro-abortion.

CNA reports:

Democrats for Life also voiced strong objections to New York senator Jeff Klein’s suggestion that in order to be a true Democrat, one must support the abortion expansion.

“It is clear that Senator Klein does not fully understand the importance of diversity within our party, the strength of a big tent policy, or the real needs of women,” the organization said, noting that “there are 21 million Democrats who self-identify as pro-life.”

This is the same pro-life Democrats that held a forum shortly before the election with speakers who said that Barack Obama was the real pro-life candidate because the policies of the Democratic Party would decrease abortion rates.

Think about it. Pro-life Dems. Who are we talking about here? Guys like Bart Stupak and Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey. Not exactly leading lights of protecting life.

Look, I can understand how one might be a big government pro-lifers. But I don’t see how anyone can call themselves a pro-life Democrat.

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