I have seen dozens of lists of papabili. I have seen the odds on Paddy Power and Intrade. The one thing they all have in common is that none of them have a name I think should be on the list.

I am not predicting anything, for how could I know. But a Cardinal I think people should keep an eye on is…

Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, Archbishop of Lyon (France)

Cardinal Barbarin is 62. I think that the cardinal-electors will choose a man of vigor in his 60s this time around for some obvious reasons.

I refer you to some background information on the Cardinal.

On Gay marriage

He has offered the Traditional Mass (a small club among Cardinals)

But has little patience for the SSPX

He opened a seminary that teaches both forms of the Mass.

Remember, if I am wrong, you will forget all about this post. If I am right, I am a genius. Either way, remember you heard it here first.

I have many reasons for having him on my dark horse list that I will keep to myself, but I thought I would just let you in. Pope or not, we should pay attention to him.

*subhead*A Frenchman for Pope?.*subhead*