This is just too crazy to pass up. The problem is that this kind of craziness quickly becomes conventional wisdom.

A top strategist for failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney is saying it’s not his fault. Guess who he says is to blame. C’mon, guess. Yup. Those stinking pro-life, pro-traditional marriage weirdos.

Many a post-mortem of Mitt Romney’s failed presidential campaign has focused on the gap between President Obama’s savvy use of technology and Romney’s less sophisticated tech team. But Romney’s chief strategist said it was actually all about policy, and evolutions in policy positions will be the only thing that revives the GOP.

“I don’t think it’s very controversial to suggest that a candidate who favors gay marriage and free contraception might have more appeal to a younger demographic,” strategist Stuart Stevens wrote Monday in The Washington Post. “Does anyone want to argue that free contraception is seen as a more pressing issue to your average 21-year-old than to a 55-year-old voter, or that there are more gay rights organizations on college campuses than in VFW halls?”

Stevens said he wishes technological failings “were the problem, because it would be relatively easy to fix. But it’s not.”

Romney himself isn’t saying this, mind you but his top strategist is. Romney actually has it more right. Romney, who will give his first post-election interview on Fox News Sunday, blamed his loss on “gifts” Obama supposedly gave to constituencies like women and minorities.

That’s where we are today, folks. People just want the goody-truck backed up and unloaded onto their lap. And if you have a guy giving more stuff away vs. a guy giving less stuff away it’s a pretty easy choice. The thing is that Romney never flat out attacked Obama. They implied that he wasn’t a great manager and that Romney would be better. That’s now how you win elections. You must show the other candidate to be the bad guy. That’s what they did to Romney and Romney didn’t do it right back.

It’s not the pro-lifers. It’s not the traditional marriage advocates. It’s politics. They played it better. We lost. Now, I’m going to go back to completely ignoring politics, mainly because I think this country is done for and there just ain’t no pulling up out of this nosedive.

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