When it comes to keeping your papabili straight, it can be a difficult task. Different people, different lists. How can one keep track of it all?

Kevin Knight at New Advent has created a handy-dandy Papal Buzz-O-Meter (I added the O, I am sure its omission was an oversight as all such meters shoudl be O-Meter)

He ranks the papabili by buzz found on various different sites and lists and distills it down to an aggregate. Each Papabile has a link to some background info as well as the source fro the ranking. Further, he indicates movement on the list to see who has buzz-mentum and who doesn’t.

New Advent’s Top Five:
1 SCOLA – Allen, Palmo, Twitter, Vatican, YouTube
2 TURKSON +3 – Allen, Palmo, Vatican, YouTube
3 BAGNASCO -1 – Allen, Palmo, Vatican, YouTube
4 TAGLE +2 – Allen, Palmo, Vatican, YouTube
5 RODRÍGUEZ -2 – Palmo, Vatican

I think this a very handy way to get to know all the possible candidates. This way when the phrase Habemus Papam echoes across the piazza, your will know your papabile. This will make you look smart in front of your co-workers.

Make sure to check out the whole list at New Advent.