The comedian/actor Jim Carrey tweeted earlier this week a hateful message about the Catholic Church mocking the sacrament of confession and the Church’s teaching on sexuality. Here they are:

I get ppl’s need 4 absolution bt being cleansed by a skunk won’t make u smell better.You can ask God directly. #themiddlemanispopeless ;^•>+

I knew the sickess in the catholic church all stems from the denial of human sexuality.Gay or straight. #denyingsexleavesyoupopeless 8^•>+

I don’t know about you but i may go off the rails if they don’t find a new Pope soon! #lifeispopeless

There r good Catholics bt if a good woman allows her kids 2 b molested by their step father bcuz she’s afraid 2 b alone, is that good? ;^>+

I just think denying who u really r while telling others who 2 b is hypocracy,but hey,worship wherever you want.U have my blessing. ;^P>+

Jim Carrey is very successful in Hollywood because he’s very funny, not because he’s informed or even coherent about the Catholic faith in which he was raised. I would inform Carrey that he’s wrong on many counts when it comes to the Catholic Church.

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