Americans think that the Catholic Church is out of touch with America.

The NY Times reports:

Roman Catholics in the United States say that their church and bishops are out of touch, and that the next pope should lead the church in a more modern direction on issues like birth control and ordaining women and married men as priests, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll…

Three-fourths of those polled said they thought it was a good idea for Benedict to resign. Most wanted the next pope to be “someone younger, with new ideas.” A majority said they wanted the next pope to make the church’s teachings more liberal.

While we could fret about this, isn’t it a good thing that Americans don’t feel that the Church is “in touch” with them?

Americans have confused Church with Oprah. You want Oprah to be “in touch” with you. I don’t want a Church that’s in touch with me. I’m all sorts of messed up. I need a Church that calls me to be better.

America just voted in the most pro-abortion politician in history, we contracept so much that our drinking water is turning our men into metrosexuals, we abort millions of babies a year, we’re changing the nature of marriage into a temporary arrangement with an-anything goes with anyone mentality, we ignore children trapped in sub-par schools, etc…

Do we really want a Church that’s “in touch” with that because by “in touch” what people really mean is affirming my every whim?

Many Americans have lost touch with the eternal. They’ve forgotten that they’re not supposed to change the Church, the Church is supposed to change them.

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