For the record and for all those who read into posts things that are just not there:

I have not criticized the Pope neither indirectly or otherwise.

I have responded to Cardinal Mahony’s tweets and his interpretation of events and I have offered some of my thoughts on liturgy. For anyone to suggest that I am criticizing the Pope implies that they know the Pope would not agree with my thoughts. I have no idea if that is true or not since the Pope hasn’t done or said anything in this regard yet. So how can I be criticizing the Pope?

I too have no problem with masses done simply but correctly. My points are directed at folks like the Cardinal that wish to strip the mass of anything not sufficiently plain or simple, as if that is axiomatically better. This is made worse by the Cardinal assuming that the Pope supports his ridiculous assertions.

I am not playing games here, I am totally sincere. I have not criticized the Pope at all.

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