What world do these dimwits live in which this unsurpassed stupidity passes as biting social commentary?

British model and actress Lily Cole stars in a disgusting and monumentally stupid music video for a band called Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The video is entitled ‘sacrilege.’ Yeah, I know.

Here is the deal. In the video, the timeline runs backwards in small little snippets. So let’s cut to the chase. The video shows a bunch of wild-eyed (presumably American) small town folk burning the aforementioned actress at he stake. Yes, a bunch of small minded small town folk burning a woman at the stake in 2013. I kid you not.

As the video rewinds, we find out why. It seems that the woman has slept with half the people in the town. But the offense that pushes the bitter-clingers over the edge is the little tramp sleeping with a priest.

The townspeople tape a mask to the priest’s face and make him run through the town in his underwear before taking a shotgun to the chest. They then drag the misunderstood woman off to be burned alive.

Cause, ya know, us small-minded Christians are always burning people at the stake.

What world do these people live in?

In the real world, when a priest gets caught sleeping with a woman, he becomes Episcopalian and gets his own TV show. When a woman flaunts her promiscuity to the world, she gets invited to speak to a House sub-committee when she is not on the phone with the Prez.

Gimme a break.

It’s bad enough that people need to attack Christianity at every turn, but do they have to be so boring and uncreative doing it?

[Warning: Very Offensive–link to source material)

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