By now we have all heard the lame excuses the media has proffered, if they bothered to proffer one at all, for their media blackout on the Gosnell aborto-murder trial.

So imagine something for a second. Imagine Gosnell, a man responsible for the care of women as part of his duties as licensed by the state. Imagine that man abused those women and debased those women and killed their infants while the state turned a blind eye.

Now imagine that Gosnell was the Rev. Gosnell, a Christian minister. Now imagine those babies didn’t die as part of failed abortions, the sacrament of the left, but rather those babies were murdered during some religious sacrament.

Simply, imagine Kermit Gosnell was a Minister of God instead of a Minister of state sanctioned death, would this trial be just a local crime story? Would the media struggle to find a relevant angle if they cared at all?

To the media, its not the body count that matters but who does the killing.

*subhead*Double standards.*subhead*