Do you know what a controlled burn is? It is when forest managers start or allow a fire to burn in a controlled fashion. Why do they do this? To remove the fuel for an uncontrolled fire that would be much more destructive.

What the media is doing right now is a controlled burn. They are allowing the IRS scandal and the AP calls scandal to be reported on in an effort to save Obama and key administration officials from the uncontrolled fire that is Benghazi.

The Benghazi scandal goes all the way to the top and to the chief executive literally and figuratively asleep at the wheel and the purposeful lies that he and others told to cover it up. Benghazi is the one scandal that goes all the way to the top, the one that could really hurt, and this is why the media has done everything in their power to ignore it and minimize it for the last 9 months. But despite their heroic efforts to cover for the president, the truth behind the story has been getting out anyway and prompting many uncomfortable if yet unanswered questions.

But the media knows that these other scandals do not reach the White House in any meaningful way, so they are comfortable covering them. This way they can continue to minimize, misreport, and ingore Benghazi with the cover of being able to say “Look! We aren’t ignoring scandals! We covered the IRS scandal and we covered the AP scandal, this proves we don’t cover for the president!”

But this is all just a controlled burn. They are trying burn these fires to remove the potential fuel from the American people, a fuel that if lit could burn uncontrollably.

The media have not changed. They are not suddenly interested in truth. The coverage of these minor scandals are just insulation from the fire that really scares them. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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