News is that Speaker Boehner has agreed to de-fund Obamacare in the Continuing Resolution.

Victory for conservatives, right? Er…No.

The battle has never been over whether the House can pass such a CR, we always knew that it could. We have also always know that such CR will face almost certain defeat in the Senate.

It is what happens after that is what conservatives really want.

When the Senate rejects the CR that de-funds Obamacare, we want Republicans to do one thing.


That is the battle. If the gov’t shuts down, how long can the Dems stomach it before you can peel enough off to pass a CR without funding Obamacare. Could take days, could take weeks, or even more. However long it takes, if the Republicans would refuse to vote for anything that funds Obamacare, eventually they would win.


Who cares if they do? Conservatives and tea-partiers gave the Republicans in the House the majority for one reason and one reason only. To stop Obamacare. If they allow Obamacare to survive for fear of losing their majority, they had no right to that majority in the first place. They deserve to lose.

What the weak-kneed Republicans have already forecast is that Senate Dems need only reject the CR and Boehner, Cantor, Ryan et al. will dutifully cave and pass a CR with Obamacare under the pretense that they will Really give the Dems hell in the Debt limit debate.  Bollocks.

If that happens, when that happens, I am burning my Republican membership card.

*subhead*Pre-emptive caving.*subhead*