In all the hubbub of the past day, I didn’t get around to posting on this story.

On September 22 85 people were killed in Pakistan for no other reason than they are Christian.

But the National Catholic Reporter wants you to know that these Christians had it coming because the Islamonazis oppose drones or something.

On hearing this news, most Americans might interpret this act as one of violent religious discrimination, of anti-Christian killing. But my lead guest on “Interfaith Voices” this week says that misinterprets the message.

That guest was Dr. Akbar Ahmed, a native of Pakistan who once administered the frontier area in which the bombing took place. He is also a devout Muslim, an anthropologist, a professor of Islamic studies at American University in Washington, D.C., and an internationally recognized leader in interfaith relations. He is now a U.S. citizen.

He first characterized the bombing as a “horrific act” without a shred of justification. He praised the Christian community in Pakistan, now more fearful than ever, and noted that he himself was educated by Catholic priests and later by Presbyterians. He counts many Christians as friends.

So I asked him point-blank, “Was this bombing an act of religious discrimination?” Was it religiously motivated? Without hesitation, he said, “No.” He pointed to a statement from the Taliban themselves saying it was a response to the United States’ frequent and continuing drone attacks in the tribal areas of Pakistan. He said the Pakistani government’s protests to the United States have been unable to stop the drones, so the frontier tribes have resorted to their ancient “eye for an eye” response to perceived injustice.

Seriously, the National Catholic Reporter is peddling the idea that a Christian community in Pakistan was targeted because the Islamonazis have a legitimate beef against drone attacks.


85 Christians murdered for no other reason than they are Christian and the NC Reported tries to justify it as legitimate anti-drone violence against other Pakistanis that have nothing to do with drones but are Christian.

I am vehemently opposed to the despicable reporting that goes on at the NC Reporter. In response, I think I will go and kill a bunch of people that have nothing to do with the NC Reporter that I conveniently hated to begin with.

Morons. Evil morons.

*subhead*Evil Morons.*subhead*