…by losing.

If you think the Republicans lost in Virginia when Dem. Terry McCauliffe was elected governor yesterday, you don’t understand anything.

The Republicans won. Well, at least they got what they wanted.

What the Republicans wanted was to not have another high profile tea-party guy win another high-profile election.

The Republican party refused to put any real money behind Ken Cuccinelli because he is exactly that breed of tea-party Republican that they despise.

They stayed away with their names and their money. They called Cucinelli “unelectable” and told us how wise they were for saving their money for winnable races.

Cuccinelli lost by barely 3 points. Even a little money and a little support might have made all the difference.

But this wasn’t a mistake. This was purposeful. They don’t want people like Cuccinelli in the party. They don’t want more Ted Cruzes and Mike Lees.

The Republicans got exactly what they wanted yesterday and Virginia and the country are worse for it. That is today’s Republican party.

They would rather lose without you than win with you.

*subhead*They wanted to lose.*subhead*