Let me be very clear. The last thing I want to be is the cause of any damage to the National Catholic Register. I have been honored to write for them these past years and to be involved in the incredible growth of their web presence. They do good and necessary work on behalf of Christ.

While I admit that I was unhappy about what happened to my post the other day, I don’t believe for a second that it was malicious or that it is in any way an indicator of tradition unfriendliness at the Register.

My editor had second thoughts about the piece after giving me the go ahead, but the communication was bungled.

The whole episode is embarrassing to everyone involved. My editor is a good man and a good friend. While I didn’t share his concerns, he is responsible for what goes up and not me.

Everyone is regretful about how the situation played out. I know first hand that the folks at the Register are not unfriendly to traditional Catholics and they have allowed me to publish tradition-friendly posts before, posts you would not likely find in any other mainstream Catholic publication.

So nobody should think that because of this one unfortunate incident, the Register is unfriendly or unsympathetic to issues of concern to traditional Catholics.

So if my opinion carries any weight, please let this unfortunate incident go and move on.

*subhead*Merely unfortunate.*subhead*