SO this is where we are right now. Secular progressive moon-bats have so convinced themselves that the Pope is going to overturn Jesus, that the following post was written ironically by Wonkette.

New Pope Stuffing Catholic Church Full Of Marxist Liberation-y Goodness

Welcome to Wonkette, where we are at the very tippy-top vanguard of tracking New Pope’s inevitable march to Vatican III, which is going to be SO UNIRONICALLY AWESOME, you guys, for real! Pope Francis I is just going to stone cold reinvent the Catholic church as a poor-loving gay-loving global juggernaut, and we will all be able to bathe in the sweet sweet tears of conservative Catholics. Yesterday, Francis threw down and invited one of the liberation theology bigwigs to the Vatican for tea and sceptre comparing or whatever and if this doesn’t strike you as a BFD, we will now explain at you why it is. Yay!

I had to stop the excerpt there because of the vulgar language that follows, but it only gets worse.

Seriously, this is where we are now. On the upside, disappointment will never smell so sweet.

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