The President of Fisher More College has responded to the Remnant (kudos to them) for some point of clarification. Some points, if true, make the situation more troubling in my mind.

According to King, they first received notification of the ban on the TLM on January 30, 2014. That date is notable as it is Bishop Olson’s first full day on the job. Further, according to King, they received the notification with no prior discussion. The discussion happened afterwards and is characterized this way:

Fisher More’s King said the college received the letter from the Bishop on Wed., Jan. 30, and he read it out loud to the students and faculty to make them aware of the situation. The fact that the letter purported to be “private correspondence,” but that impacted dozens of college faculty, staff, students and parents was not explained by the bishop’s spokesman. As the college’s mission is centered on the Church’s liturgical and spiritual tradition, King said that the board felt compelled to be transparent to those affected by the Bishop’s decision.

King said he was invited to a meeting with Bishop Olson that was very short and provided no further details other than the contents of the letter. “There wasn’t much discussion,” he said. “There was no discussion about the college at all.”

According to King, the tone of the discussion after the decision is similar to the tone of the letter.

I cover this additional information in an effort to be fair. I waded into this pool, now I gotta tread water. Take King’s comments for whatever your think they are worth.

My current take, absent any response from the Bishop, is that this situation was handled extremely poorly and continued silence on the part of the Bishop is not helping make it any better.

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