Sometimes you just have to laugh.  A little gallows humor on the state of the liturgy.

I am sure most of you remember Deacon Sandy and the Good Shepherd parish in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. We documented several liturgical abuses and the rudeness of Deacon Sandy toward Pope Benedict.

In addition to all that was documented in the above links, we had another video which made clear that they allow unordained persons to deliver homilies at Good Shepherd. Repeated inquiries to the Archdiocese of Milwaukee have been ignored.

So I decided I would check back on Good Shepherd. They no longer post videos of their masses, for obvious reasons. But I found this particular item in their Parish Council meeting minutes from last month in which they say that the Archdiocese has told them they can continue with all their liturgical practices. This is not unexpected. But the best part is the line from the minutes which immediately follows this statement. It is too priceless and tells you all you need to know.

Questioning of Parish Resolved – “Sandy reported that the archdiocese has received feedback from several groups, not in our parish or area, regarding some of our liturgical practices. In conversation with the archdiocese, Sandy has received affirmation that we do not need to change our core practices.” (e.g. regarding kneelers, bread, AV during liturgy)

VOP – Barb Findley asked if there might be a Polka Mass on occasion.

If I made that up, would you believe me?

*subhead*Too funny.*subhead*