If you’re a supporter of traditional marriage suppoprter you have no right to work anywhere, at least according to ESPN and the Human Rights Campaign.

ESPN columnist Dan Graziano said that while he doesn’t believe “wrongheaded views should necessarily prevent a person from seeking and holding a job in his chosen field” he says that he doesn’t think “this is the right time” for the New York Giants to hire a traditional marriage supporter for a position that has absolutely nothing to do with the marriage issue.

Again, he’s not against Giants legend David Tyree from having a job in football, but just not now.

Tolerance…but not now.

The ESPN columnist joined the Human Rights Campaign in blasting the hire.

Ironically, former head coach Tony Dungy was recently blasted pretty mercilessly by national media for saying he wouldn’t have drafted gay football player Michael Sam for fear of the media circus that would surely follow.

Interestingly, I don’t remember any outrage over NFL teams staying away from Tim Tebow for fear of the accompanying media circus.