Can we please now dispense with the foolish notion that the “International Community” exists?

Look. If ever there was a clear moment when the entire world could look at a situation, agree, and act. This is it. But nothing.

Satan’s army is marching across the plains of Nineveh beheading children and putting their heads on pikes. Evil doesn’t get much clearer than that.

So what does the “International Community” do? Nothing.

President feckless drops a few bombs while simultaneously promising that not a single American boot will hit the ground to stop Satan’s army from satiating their bloodlust. Does he thing that these animals don’t get the news?

Satan’s army now knows they have nothing to fear from us, nothing to fear from anyone.

The “International Community” had its moment of pure clarity, presented with the face of pure evil, it changed the channel.

*subhead*It doesn’t get clearer than this.*subhead*