For the record, The Church of the Holy Innocents in Manhattan included in their bulletin of August 10th, the following short update as to the history of recommendations pertaining to collaboration and consolidation.

The Making All Things New (MATN) process continues. Last December, the Archdiocese assigned the Church of the Holy Innocents to a Cluster of parishes as part of MATN. This Cluster — Cluster No. 20 — included the Church of St. Francis of Assisi and the Church of St. John the Baptist. Each Cluster was required to submit Suggestions to the Archdiocesan Advisory Group (AAG) about the future of the parishes in the Cluster.

Cardinal Dolan allowed Clusters to make one of two suggestions: Collaboration or Consolidation. In late March, Cluster No. 20 suggested Collaboration among St. Francis, St. John the Baptist and Holy Innocents.

In late April, the AAG recommended Consolidation: merging three parishes into St. Francis of Assisi, St. John the Baptist, Holy Innocents and St. Michael (introduced into the Cluster by the AAG).

In early June, Cluster No. 20 submitted its Response to the AAG. Cluster No. 20 responded that (1) no parish should be merged into St. Francis, (2) St. John the Baptist should remain an independent parish, (3) St. Michael should remain an independent parish and (4) Holy Innocents should be merged into St. Michael.

In late June, the AAG was scheduled to release its Final Recommendations to Cardinal Dolan. Cardinal Dolan will then announce his final decisions in September.”

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