*subhead*Seminarians and a Baby Priest Talk God, Church and Salvation.*subhead*
A while back we introduced CMR readers to a little initiative of some eager, upstart seminarians who liked talking about God, souls, the Church, their hope for the future. A bunch of you clicked on to their podcasts and listened. 
And you really made their day. I was there. I saw young then-Deacon Connor check the Google analytics or whatever it was and look at those little bar charts and smile. He’s Father Connor now but he still has a lot of smart and funny things to say. And some great stories of shepherding souls. Mike is still one of the funniest guys out there. Rob keeps it real and has a great radio voice. These are the kind of men you want as your priests. They’re all heckofnicesmartfunnyguy types. And doing their best to be holy and icons of Christ.
Well, Season 2 has arrived. New laughs and new stories. The first episode is called “I want to be a priest forever.”
Head over to their web site and give a listen and subscribe to them on iTunes.
Go ahead. Make their day.