What clarity just a few days can bring.

Yesterday we had the release of the mid-Synod relatio and all the hubbub that has ensued. So many people are trying to give the document its ‘proper’ context.

So let’s just get a few things out of the way.

It is just a non-binding working document. True. The final document of the synod may be very different. But this document is out there now and I would suggest that this is purposeful. Why even issue an interim working document from a secret Synod unless there was a story you want to tell? Get it out there and let the media carry your water. That many Bishops are now objecting in secret will have no effect. Even if the final document is different, this document is out there accomplishing its nefarious work. Considerable damage is already done. A working document? Indeed, it is truly working.

But this context is too much in the weeds. Let’s take a bigger picture approach. There are Bishops and Cardinals in the Church, invited at the request of the Pope, promoting the position of the Relatio. These are the successor’s of the Apostles saying, debating, and promoting this evil.

I wrote last Friday, pre-Relatio, of the work of destruction in the Church, of a rising ‘dark and false’ church within the Church. I wrote about how many in the hierarchy are materially cooperating with the Devil in this work of destruction.

In my article, I paraphrased the Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser when I said this…

This cancer that has been metastasizing in the Church for a century and those who cooperate with it hide in plain sight to the best of their ability. There is no Holy Canon, no dogma, and no principle at all, no matter how holy, authentic, ancient, and certain it might be, that remains free of censure, criticism, false interpretation, modification, and delimitation by those in this insidious “dark and false church.” All is clouded by senseless questions and elaborate arguments, even the very words of Our Savior.

Read that again and again and then read the text of that Relatio and tell me I am wrong. Tell me I am exaggerating. No, the document is not binding and is interim. So what? The document is not the problem. The men who created it, these successors of the Apostles, they are the problem.

That is all the necessary context you need.

*subhead*The document is not the problem.*subhead*