Words cannot even express my shock at the events that transpired over the last 36 hours with regard to the interview Cardinal Kasper gave to Ed Pentin of the Register and Zenit.

For the uninitiated, Kasper gave a despicable interview in which he denigrated the African bishops in a totally repulsive way.

[Kasper:] Africa is totally different from the West. Also Asian and Muslim countries, they’re very different, especially about gays. You can’t speak about this with Africans and people of Muslim countries. It’s not possible. It’s a taboo. For us, we say we ought not to discriminate, we don’t want to discriminate in certain respects.

But are African participants listened to in this regard?

[Kasper:] No, the majority of them [who hold these views won’t speak about them].

They’re not listened to?

[Kasper:] In Africa of course [their views are listened to], where it’s a taboo.

What has changed for you, regarding the methodology of this synod?

[Kasper:] I think in the end there must be a general line in the Church, general criteria, but then the questions of Africa we cannot solve. There must be space also for the local bishops’ conferences to solve their problems but I’d say with Africa it’s impossible [for us to solve]. But they should not tell us too much what we have to do.

The response to his disgusting remarks was swift in the media. It even drive the Pope to appoint an African Cardinal to the draft committee for the final Relatio.

The interview was so shocking and repulsive that it seriously undermined the Cardinal in his efforts to destroy the Church. That’s right, I said it.

Anyway faced with such a setback, the Cardinal came out today and denied he said those things. Denied even that the interview took place and was unequivocal that he never and would never say such things. [via and translated by CWR]

Rome (kath.net, October 16, 2014). The retired Curial prelate Cardinal Walter Kasper, in speaking with kath.net on Thursday afternoon, denied alleged statements of his about African bishops. His exact words were: “I am shocked. I never said such a thing about Africans and would never say such a thing either. I declare: no one from Zenit contacted me in recent days and weeks and no one asked me for an interview. No one from Zenit got an interview from me.” Kasper also announced that he would take the Zenit news agency to task. In its summary of the Zenit interview, kath.net pointed out from the beginning that it was unclear whether the interview had been authorized in the first place by the Curial cardinal. [translated for CWR by Michael J. Miller]

That statement led Zenit, who published the interview, to pull it.

I mean, who you gonna believe?  A dirty rotten journalist or a Prince of the Church?

That is exactly what Cardinal Kasper was counting on.  Who would dare believe otherwise?

What Cardinal Kasper wasn’t counting on is that those little devices that everyone carries called phones can also record voices.

Ed Pentin recorded the interview.

Cardinal Kasper is a Big. Fat. Liar. and a disgrace to the Church he is trying to destroy.

Go see Ed Pentin’s statement here and listen to the audio itself.

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