[Breaking News] Today Cardinal Kasper gave another interview to speak about the interview that has made so much news these past days.

Cardinal Kasper said**, “The reason I said I never said that is because the interview I gave to Ed Pentin was just a “working interview” and not the final interview, so it doesn’t mean anything. It was just a discussion I was having with myself, but what I said is not representative I what I was saying to myself.

 However, I know that the Pope backs me in this conversation, well at least part of me. I feel very confident by the time the synod is over, I will actually believe what I was saying about the African Bishops, but I am not quite there yet. But I believe I am coming around. What you say is not actually the truth of what you said, no such rigidity of thought does not speak to modern man. The truth of what I said must be arrived at through the law of gradualness and the Church must accompany me on this journey. When I said I didn’t say it, that was meeting myself where I was and now I am on the road to the fullness of the truth of what I said.

Of course, the media doesn’t understand the nature of these private conversations I have with myself in front of other people with recording devices, and so they completely misinterpret it. To me, this kind of thing is a direct attack on the Pope, who clearly backs what half of me is saying.”

**SATIRE** for the humor challenged.

*subhead*A lil satire for your morning*subhead*