There’s the irony of a band from the 60’s now yelling at people in the audience to stop smoking weed. It has the “get off my lawn you filthy kids” feel that makes it funny.

But the angle that took on this was telling. You see, it wasn’t the imbeciles smoking pot so heavily at The Who’s concert that it was affecting Roger Daltry’s voice who were at fault. No. Daltry was “not so accommodating” to the potheads.

Over the course of The Who‘s 50 years as a band, you’d think frontman Roger Daltrey would have build up a tolerance to cannabis smoke.

After all, he has performed in weed-filled halls throughout the stoney ’60s up to present day when weed is practically legal. It is surprising to hear that the singer is not so accommodating to people that want to get high while they watch his band.

I say they should sue Daltry for being insensitive just like they do Christian bakers.

Now, if it were a cigarette, the smokers would’ve been drawn and quartered.