When i gave voice to my concerns over Pope Francis’ annulment reforms and their potential for abuse (certainty in some places) a number of people responded to me with links and quotes from positive articles from some prominent canon lawyers.

Over time, my concerns about these reforms have deepened, reforms concocted and promulgated in secret with no consultation with bishops or other dicasteries who could have raised red flags prior to promulgation.

I was also repeatedly reminded that I am not a canon lawyer and therefore could not possibly offer an informed opinion. I reject this kind of credentialism that pretends that only experts in avils can judge the negative impacts of anvils falling on your toe.

But I note with interest that some of the very same canon lawyers who initially expressed some support for the reforms, are now growing very concerned. Rorate Caeli has done us a service by collecting and documenting the shifting analysis of these experts.

I urge everyone to read this article as these prominent canon lawyers express their growing alarm over these reforms.

*subhead*Growing concern.*subhead*