There is beauty, there is heroism, and there is courage in the world today. Maybe you have to look a little harder to see it, but it’s out there- even amid horror.

The pastor of a church in Oregon is saying that a young man, killed in that horrible Oregon shooting, saved his daughter’s life.

Christian Times:

During this past Sunday’s sermon, Randy Scroggins, pastor of New Beginnings Church of God, told the story of his daughter’s horrifying experience being in a writing class at the local community college when 26-year-old Chris Harper-Mercer walked in, armed with a gun, and began shooting students.

Pastor Scroggins’ account, as well as other eyewitness accounts, indicate that Harper-Mercer reportedly asked students if they were Christian before shooting them.

During his sermon, the pastor told the congregation of “[his] family’s hero,” fellow student Treven Anspach, who, after being shot by Harper-Mercer, rolled his body on top of the pastor’s daughter, Lacy Scroggins, to protect her.

Anspach’s heroic move then saved Lacy from being shot, as the gunman stepped over Anspach’s body and continued shooting.

“I want to tell of my family’s hero,” Scroggins told the congregation.

“The blood of that boy that covered my daughter saved her life,” Scroggins said.

His name, Treven Anspach, is worth remembering.