Georgetown University has announced it will rename two buildings which were named for former presidents with ties to slavery.

No word yet on the Jesuit university recanting all the honors it has bestowed on pro-abortion politicians.

Now, according to the Washington Post, the Jesuits owned slaves and sold them to pay off debt? Wow. I’d never heard that. That’s a pretty large and glaring gap in Matt’s historical knowledge right there. Kind of embarrassing, huh? So that’s clearly a bad thing the Jesuits did. But it seems to me that it’s kinda’ interesting the timing of G’town’s decision to rename buildings, don’t ya’ think?


Georgetown University will rename two buildings named for school presidents who organized the sale of Jesuit-owned slaves to help pay off campus debt in the 1830s, the university’s president announced.

Mulledy Hall, a new student dormitory named for the president who authorized the sale of about 272 slaves to a Louisiana plantation owner in 1838, will be called Freedom Hall until a permanent name is chosen.

McSherry Hall, which houses a meditation center and was named for another university president who served as an adviser on the slave sale, will be called Remembrance Hall until it is renamed.

In a letter e-mailed to the Georgetown community Saturday evening, President John J. DeGioia said he was changing the names based on a recommendation he received Friday from his Working Group on Slavery, Memory and Reconciliation. DeGioia appointed the panel of 16 administrators, faculty and students in September to examine slavery­-related sites on campus.

“As a university,” DeGioia wrote, “we are a place where conversations are convened and dialogue is encouraged, even on topics that may be difficult.”

It’s no coincidence that this happened a week after Mizzou and Ithaca. I assume we’re going to be getting a lot of these kinds of stories because university presidents are soiling their jammies with the thought of being protested by liberal students right now. So they’re going to be doing backflips to please them.

And Georgetown is the leading Catholic university when it comes to kow-towing to liberal demands. Please remember G’town covering up the IHS monogram at the request of Obama.

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