Yeah, this could just be a couple of kids who didn’t think it through but it fits with the times, doesn’t it? If a culture other-izes Christians persistently this kind of thing will happen, won’t it? When you de-dehumanize and heap contempt on Christians, it’s no shock that some will feel it’s acceptable to vandalize churches.

My Fox28:

Officials say police are investigating after vandals spray-painted upside down crosses and other anti-Christian graffiti at three northeast Ohio churches.

Tom Brophey, a member of the now closed Immaculate Conception Church in the village of Wellsville says he’s putting a tarp over a Virgin Mary statue. The statue’s face is covered in black paint and has an upside down cross painted on its body.

Wellsville is located about 35 miles northwest of Pittsburgh near the Pennsylvania border.

Upside down crosses also cover a Wellsville United Methodist church sign.

A Covenant Presbyterian church door had the word “Satan” painted on it. Remnants of the marks remain visible.