Everyone’s always saying that the GOP establishment is responsible for Trump’s popularity. There’s truth to that. By completely ignoring so many of its own voters, discontentment grew.

But for decades, liberals have been in charge of the media and the classrooms. All of it. From Pre-k to PhD. It’s theirs. Conservatives have essentially ceded that ground. I don’t know if it was a plot by liberals to do so but in any case, they’re responsible for education of the youth and information for all. And they’ve dumbed us down.

C’mon, we’ve all seen those man on the street interviews where people don’t know the first thing about American history. Not the first thing, other than George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were slave owners. My own daughter at a Catholic school was required to read a story about Jefferson’s illegitimate daughter from a mother who was a slave. But they were never required to read the Declaration of Independence. That tells you all you need to know, doesn’t it?

So we’re all dumb. Pretty much all anyway. But definitely me. This, I believe, has helped the party willing to speak dumb more fluently. Barack Obama’s Hope and Change campaign was advertising for the dumb. And he won. Poor Mitt Romney was up there talking about tax breaks and free market and Obama’s telling us he’ll control the levels of the oceans! Guess who wins, the bigger liar.

But now Donald Trump has come along and out-dumbed even the Dems. He’s out-lying them too. He’s gone full lowest common denominator on us and is prospering. Kudos to him. But our destruction is upon us. And I’m not even blaming Trump. It’s us. We elected Obama. Twice! And now we may elect either Trump or Hillary Clinton who would be indicted if we had a more well informed populace. But we don’t. So…doom.

The moment secular liberals took over the media and schools, it was done. Now we’re just seeing the consequences.

I guess I’m in a mood.