Could you just imagine for a moment the speculation that would be occurring in our beloved mainstream media if some minister appeared with Hillary Clinton and was shot the following day?

Well, an Idaho pastor was shot the day after praying with Ted Cruz but it’s not being speculated about in any major way by the media. It’s really not getting much play at all. And I’m not saying this is necessarily a bad thing. Until the police catch the shooter, who is still on the run, and ascertain a motive it’s best just to stick to the facts.

But could you just imagine…


On Saturday, pastor Tim Remington put his arm around Ted Cruz and then delivered a rousing invocation at a campaign rally in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Now Remington is on the receiving end of prayers after being shot in the skull and back after his Sunday sermon.

Early Monday morning, authorities identified a suspect in the unholy shooting: a 30-year-old local man and former Marine named Kyle Andrew Odom.

As authorities launched a manhunt for Odom, questions remained over a possible motive, particularly whether the shooting was in any way related to Remington’s appearance with Cruz roughly 24 hours earlier.

Say a prayer for Remington who has somehow survived this terrible incident.

The guy, who is married with four kids, seems to have really committed his life to helping those struggling with drug ad alcohol issues.