You might recall the #hastag diplomacy attempted by the Obama administration. Remember “Bring back our girls.”

It didn’t seem to do much good. Hey, the administration put a twitter pic up about it and everything. What more could they possibly do.

According to testimony on Capitol Hill yesterday from former congressman Frank Wolf, those girls are still gone. And not much is being done about it.

Also testifying, according to PJ Media was a young woman who’d been kidnapped but escaped. Her words are scary and inspiring:

“They marched us out of the school for miles to where their trucks were. Then they asked us to enter the trucks and said that if we did not, they were going to shoot all of us. We were all scared, so we entered the trucks,” Sa’a said. She and a friend decided to jump from their truck while it was careening down a forest road in the dark.

When Sa’a was first offered an opportunity to continue her education in the United States, she “felt like if we go to school again they are going to kidnap us wherever we are.” Her brothers were among those who convinced her to keep studying.

Sa’a began college in the U.S. in January and described her first trip to the National Archives.

“I saw the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. I even saw a version of the Magna Carta. I learned that the people who wrote those documents have faced hard times through the years, but they didn’t give up and hope and freedom won. When I heard what Patrick Henry said, about ‘Give me liberty or give me death,’ I realized that was exactly how I felt when I had to decide about jumping out of the truck to escape from Boko Haram,” she added…

“…I have had dreams. With what I have been through, some of the dreams are scary. But now my dreams are good. I have a dream of a safe Nigeria; a Nigeria where girls can go to school without fear of being kidnapped; a Nigeria where girls like me are not made into suicide bombers and little boys are not routinely stolen and turned into terrorists; a Nigeria, where even if the worst happens and children are stolen, that every effort is made for their swift rescue; that those who can help will help; and that those who can speak will speak out for those who can’t speak for themselves.”

Please keep these people in your prayers. And pray that our political leaders take Muslim terrorism seriously.