So a man suffered a fatal heart attack on a plane and a passenger came over to pray with the man’s wife. That man was Tim Tebow. And as the story got out on social media because other passengers shared photos (not Tebow) many people couldn’t help but go negative on Tebow.

“I think I’m going to throw up,” one commenter wrote.

Here’s some others, according to a story on MSN:

“Tim Tebow was getting in the way while trying to be a missionary on a plane? What a putz!”

“Tebow is the male equivalent of a Kardashian. Maybe he ought to change his name to Kim.”

“Why is this even a story?”

“Prayed? Give me a break. Get out of the way and let modern medicine take care of the sick. Idiot.”

Tebow reportedly got off the plane with the woman, collected her luggage for her, put it in the car that was waiting for him, and took the woman to the hospital.

He reportedly even stayed with her as she received news that her husband had passed away.

All this while many commenters on social media attacked him.