Just when you thought you might just trust Trump, if only because Hillary is so terrible.

Retired Lt. Gen Michael T. Flynn, who is considered a likely vice presidential pick for Donald Trump, went on ABC’s Sunday morning show this weekend and announced he believes abortion is a right. Gen. Flynn said:

What people do in their private lives, these are not big issues that our country is dealing with that will cause our country to collapse,” Flynn said. “I’m more concerned that our country could collapse because we are not dealing with education issues, immigration issues.”

On abortion, he specifically said, “I think it’s a — I think for women — and these are difficult issues but I think women have to be able to choose what they — you know, sort of the right of choice but I think that that’s a difficult legal decision that — and I think that women are so important in that decision-making process.”


Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the national pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List promptly responded saying, “General Flynn has disqualified himself from consideration as Vice President. His pro-abortion position is unacceptable and would undermine the pro-life policy commitments that Mr. Trump has made throughout the campaign.”

I think this would be a disastrous pick. Absolutely disastrous. I know many people who said they’ll consider Trump mainly for two reasons:
1) They think that Trump might nominate pro-life constructionist judges to the court.
2) They know Hillary wouldn’t.

But a choice of a pro-abortion Democrat as vice president would tell pro-lifers that this is not the presidential candidate they were looking for. If the time comes for Trump to make his very first decision and he goes pro-abort, thanks. That’s all we need to know.

No matter how many times Trump would continue to pledge to sign into law the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, defund Planned Parenthood, and appoint pro-life Justices to the Supreme Court there would just be no way to believe him.