Someone named Christine Horner who calls herself a “healed ex-Catholic” whose “religion is Love” is pleeeeeeaaaaading with Pope Francis to stop people at Mass from saying, “Lord I am not worthy…”

Because that is “the root of all evil behavior.”

This is so stupid, it’s funny.


Dear Pope Francis,

Every single day before communion, millions of Christians verbally declare one of the most destructive phrases in human history. On Sunday, it’s tens of millions if not a half billion of the over one billion Catholic Christians worldwide—and not without repercussions.

In the Bible, a Centurion soldier relates, “Lord, I am not worthy to have you enter under my roof…” (Matthew 8:8) before recounting the inner workings of the blindness of patriarchal hierarchies and slavery that exists to this day.

Applying religious context, what’s important for Christians to note is that the soldier uttered the phrase pre-salvation. An unsaved (ignorant) man sharing his feelings and a religion demanding a billion saved Christians repeat the phrase daily post-salvation are entirely two different matters.

Dialogue and constructs that perpetuate “I am not worthy” are the root of all evil behavior. It is divisiveness personified. By believing we are not worthy, we open the door for the mistreatment of ourselves and the mistreatment of others as we seek to assuage the psychological pain the false belief imparts.


I think we all understand that humility is a bit countercultural nowadays but “the root of all evil behavior.” I guess the fact that humility might be a foreign concept to someone who calls themselves an “healed ex-Catholic” whose religion is “Love” having the gall to instruct the pope on how the Mass should be changed shouldn’t be surprising.