This should be scary to anyone paying attention. Governor Jerry Brown wants all schools and education institutions with an exemption from Title IX to be made public. This is an attempt at legislated public shaming. You see, now that Title IX includes gender, now the left really is going after those who would defy liberal orthodoxy.

Religion Clause:

As reported by The Advocate, last Friday California’s Gov. Jerry Brown signed S.B. 1146 (full text) into law. ┬áThe new law requires religiously affiliated schools in California that have obtained an exemption from any of the anti-discrimination provisions of Title IX or California’s Equity in Higher Education Act to publicly disclose that fact. ┬áThe federal Department of Education has granted exemptions nationwide to some 43 colleges and universities (6 in California) from non-discrimination requirements that conflict with the schools’ religious tenets. These variously include bans on discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, as well as on other grounds. California schools now must disclose this fact to students, faculty and applicants for admission in publications, student orientation and other specified ways. Information on exemptions must also be filed with California’s Student Aid Commission.

I’m sure nothing bad will happen to those institutions that seek an exemption. I’m sure that things won’t get out of hand.