I just re-read the Podesta emails and it’s actually rather scary.

Just to be clear, according to the left, conservative Catholics are a “bastardization of the faith” but Muslim terrorists have nothing to do with Islam.


The funny thing is that there’s nothing similarly said of Islamic radicals. And look at the left’s reaction in the media. If Trump had called Muslims “backwards” and mocked them, it would be the lead in every news story. Obama would be holding a press conference saying something ridiculous like “that’s not who we are.”

But since it’s just Catholics being disparaged, that’s fine.

How about the revelation that the left is fomenting a revolution in the Church? Could you imagine if they did that with Islam? But according to the left, there’s no reason to because terrorism has nothing to do with Islam.

Hundreds of thousands of Christians are being displaced, brutalized, or killed by Muslims. You get crickets. Nothing. Remember just a while ago, one Imam got killed in New York. Now, the media didn’t know who did it or anything but that didn’t stop them from talking about the angry tone in America right now. And we listened to lectures on Islamaphobia for days. That is, until we learned that a Muslim killed the Imam. Then it was business as usual. Nothing to see here.

But the media blackout on this Podesta email thing goes far beyond just being a story of media bias. This is disturbing. We should all be alarmed at this.

I just saw that Time Magazine finally ran a piece about the emails and the Catholic thing. Here’s the headline: “Hillary Clinton Campaign Pushes Back on ‘Anti-Catholic’ Charge.” So you see, they didn’t cover the actual emails or what they said but they cover the pushback from the Clinton campaign.

Here’s the video on Time’s website. You’d never know what the emails said from this video:

It would be funny if it weren’t so disturbing. Scary stuff.