So Trump should not be saying the election is rigged because that might lead people to lose faith in the system?

So despite all the media bias, urban election fraud, and collusion from the FBI and DOJ with the Democrat Party, we’re all supposed to stay silent for the good of the country until the country is lost completely?

But here we have Paul Ryan, the majority speaker, countering Trump’s assertion that the election is rigged. I have to wonder why Ryan would say something like that. I fear it’s because he doesn’t trust regular people. Look, Ryan was behind legislation for Voter ID laws, right? So he clearly believes there’s wide scale voter fraud. Ryan, I’m sure, believes there’s media bias against the GOP, right? How could he not when he himself has been the victim of it so often? And I hope he understands and believes that the levers of government are firmly in the hands of the Clintons and the Democrat Party such as in the FBI and DOJ not prosecuting Hillary.

So what’s not rigged? Every lever of power is being operated to punch down, not up.

The only conclusion I can come up with is that Ryan is fearful of letting people know the truth of the situation. He’s been in Washington so long that he no longer trusts the people with the truth. And he fears that telling them that yeah, the system is rigged, could lead the regular people to do something rash. And we can’t have that. Because like it or not, the elite are in control and that’s how it should be.

So, people are not allowed to say the system is rigged precisely because it is rigged but the people realizing it is rigged is a greater danger, according to the Democrats, the media, and sadly, Paul Ryan.

Me? I’ve lost faith in this faithless system. I retain little or no hope that America can pull out of this nosedive. But I’m certainly not going to stay silent in order to ensure the status quo.

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