The latest scandal emanating from WikiLeaks is that Donna Brazile, now the DNC Chairperson, fed debate questions to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in advance while working as a talking head at CNN.

I can’t help but be reminded of the downfall of Charles Van Doren who received answers in advance to his appearances on the game show 21.

Interestingly, producers Dan Enright, who supplied the questions to Van Doren was ruined for decades once it came to light what he did. Enright, essentially did what Brazile did and was relegated to Canadian television for years. No, it’s not prison but hey, it’s Canada.

Van Doren was destroyed because of his involvement, even losing his job as a talking head on the Today Show. Van Doren essentially did what Clinton did. Received the question in advance and answered the question while pretending not to know it. But, get this, not one reporter has even asked Hillary Clinton about this scandal. Not one.

Van Doren and Enright were destroyed and they were rigging a lousy game show. Brazile and Clinton were rigging the election of the United States of America! And nobody has even asked Clinton about it! Not a question!


I would say that it’s a collapse of morality. But duh’.

It’s Machiavellian. We no longer have morals. We have strategy that serve our gang. And whatever my side does to win is ok because the other side is worse.

Look at how the scandal of Clinton’s emails ending up on the computer of a suspected sex criminal who was married to her top assistant is being covered. It’s all about how Jim Comey went against protocol!!!!!! Oh my. Not protocol! Never mind the fact that our Secretary of State might have had all her emails sitting on the computer of a suspected sex criminal. No. Comey went against protocol!!!!!!!!

I’ve come to the conclusion that Trump has to win. This evil monolithic conspiracy between government and media must be stopped. They’re taking the country right from us. It’s probably already done. People have been so under-educated when it comes to civics and American history that they don’t even know what’s being stolen from them anymore.

This gang will rewrite every law until religious freedom is disappeared, Planned Parenthood receives more funding than the Pentagon, and abortion is performed up and until the moment of birth and maybe after – you know for the life and health of the mother.

*subhead*Not one question.*subhead*