Souter. The name itself sends shudders up the spines of pro-lifers across the U.S. Because of his pro-abortion jurisprudence, this country has been stuck with abortion being legal up to the moment of birth. His lack of a record was seen as an advantage in getting his nomination through a Democrat led Senate. But his lack of a record made him a gamble for conservatives. And conservatives lost big.

We now fear the “stealth” candidate.

Among the top contenders for a nomination is Justice Thomas Hardiman, who has the backing of Trump’s very liberal sister, fellow 3rd Circuit Court Judge Maryanne Trump Barry, as well as the support of former Senator Rick Santorum. Call me confused. You? But to be fair, Justice Trump Barry also spoke well of Samuel Alito so there’s that.

Add that to the fact that he graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1987 and from Georgetown Law School in 1990. Call me skittish.

This nomination could shift the balance of power on the court for years. As Hardiman is still relatively young, it could shift the court for decades. I’m not sure if I’m for him or against him. I just don’t know enough. And that’s what scares me.