A 73-year-old woman has left her husband of 20 plus years after she learned he supported Donald Trump.

Gayle McCormick, who says she’s a Democrat leaning toward socialist said she was “in shock” when her husband mentioned his support of Trump at a lunch with friends.

“It took us many, many months to make this decision. We went to counselling and saw a priest. This wasn’t a snap decision,” she said.

So, a man she lived with and presumably loved for two decades was no longer worthy of her affection because of his politics? But that’s the left now. The left doesn’t think you’re misguided. They hate you. They think you are not worthy of friendship, never mind love. You are not human. To the left today, those on the right are a problem. A cancer. Not human.

It is this kind of reckless hate that brings firing squads and gas chambers folks.

I really do wonder today that if you went to a college campus, how many would support jail for people on the right, or worse.