Tucker Carlson and Piers Morgan discuss why the Muslims “war on the cross” isn’t getting more coverage. They bring up many good points but in the end, I think there’s something else going on here.

Tucker seems to think it’s that because the U.S. is predominantly Christian, we don’t want to be seen as rooting for the home team. Piers is simply befuddled why it’s not the major story of the time.

I think that a large part of the reason is that the media hates Christianity. OK. Not all the media but we can all admit that the overall “narrative” is that Christians are the bad guys, right? I think the media sees Christianity as a corrupting force and that Christians are essentially fascists. So when Christians get killed, it’s not that it’s a good thing. It’s just less bad. And they think that Christianity has perpetrated many horrible crimes against the Muslim people (because they don’t understand the Crusades at all) and kinda’ sorta’ deserves it a bit. Although they’d never say that. You can see it in the terms they use. Like when they call the deliberate massacre of Christians a “continuing conflict.”

No matter what, it’s still a positive thing to have this discussed.

In light of Pope Francis’ visit to Egypt later this month, don’t you think this should be a major topic of discussion.