Just once I’d like to see a liberal bill actually be what is says it is. Like the recent bill in California marching its way toward becoming law. It’s called an “anti-discrimination” bill but in reality it’s a blatant attack on Catholic institutions. That’s just what it is.

Bill Donohue writes:

Under the guise of “anti-discrimination,” a pro-abortion California assemblywoman is pushing a bill that would bar faith-based codes of conduct for employees of religious organizations.

AB 569 specifically targets codes of conduct involving employees’ “reproductive health care decisions,” such as abortion and contraception. It would actually prohibit Catholic organizations from demanding fidelity to Catholic teachings on the part of their employees. Perversely, this grand assault on separation of church and state is being waged in the name of “rights.”

The background of the bill’s sponsor, Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher, leaves little doubt as to what her agenda is. Gonzalez Fletcher describes herself as a very religious Catholic who is personally pro-life, yet she proudly touts her 100 percent pro-abortion voting record. She cannot have it both ways: No one would believe her if she said she was opposed to racial discrimination yet voted to promote it.

Her bill is a poorly disguised effort to impose radical pro-abortion policies on religious organizations.

It’s always “Catholic” legislators that dream up the worst attacks, isn’t it?