I was recently in the hospital getting my gallbladder ripped out. It seems it was attacking my pancreas which is like totally uncool. I mean, behavior like that is grounds for ejection. That’s like walking into a 7-11 with no shoes or shirt, right?

I told my wife while I was in there that my pain was definitely worse than labor pains. As you might imagine, my wife seemed unconvinced.

But there’s an awesomeness to labor in that you get this spectacular human being at the end of it. No such awesomeness from gallbladder surgery. Labor pains are God’s way of teaching women the mysterious link between love, sacrifice and suffering. The pain of gallstones on the other hand is just God telling you to stop eating Wendy’s so much.

Oh, and MRI’s are like the scariest thing in the history of…ever. The dude taking me down to the MRI said he tried to have an MRI done and freaked out after a few minutes. And then wished me luck. Needless to say, this wasn’t exactly the inspiring speech I needed at that moment. But I made it through.

I’m ok now though.

*subhead*Poor me.*subhead*