I just want to elicit a promise from everyone right now that we will not mock conspiracy theorists about the Las Vegas shooting. We have been fed timelines that are nonsensical and conflicting. There have been corrections and revisions and finally, it seems, a shrug and a sighed “we may never know.”

Well, “we may never know” isn’t good enough.

The news media have moved on, leaving giant blank spaces for us to fill in like a gruesome Mad Libs. It should come as no surprise that people will attempt to make sense out of the nonsense we’ve been fed. I don’t blame them.

We no longer trust those who are “in charge.” We don’t trust them because we know they don’t trust us. There’s certain information that we are not trusted with. That’s why certain killings were called “workplace violence” even though we all knew exactly what had occurred was terrorism. They thought the truth would inflame us so they said it was something other than we knew it was. That kind of obvious deceit creates a divide. We no longer look at the person standing at the podium for truth because we know they’re lying to us and what’s worse is that they’re not even lying well.

And most us would laugh at the suggestion that we look to a media which clearly prizes “the narrative” over facts. I think that, at this point, people feel they’re being played and when faced with either a cover up in Las Vegas or just incompetence, they’re going to look to fill in the facts themselves.

So, what we’re left with us many people essentially crowdsourcing this. We have people all over the internet with shreds of information trying to pull it all together into something that makes sense. I, for one, won’t mock this. I think it’s probably necessary and I commend those who take it seriously.