Last I checked pride is still a sin. So I was wondering when are the months that celebrate the other deadly sins such as lust, envy, anger, greed, gluttony and sloth?

Anger could be in April because that’s when we pay our taxes.

Sloth? Maybe February because that’s the shortest month and the economy can’t have us all lying about for too long.

Gluttony could definitely be from Thanksgiving to New Years. I mean, we’re doing it anyway so we might as well make it official.

Lust and greed are our national past time so it feel strange to limit them to just a month or two.

I started writing this as just a stupid joke but halfway into it I realized that our culture is almost entirely based on these sins. Lust? Greed? Sloth? Anger? Envy? Pride?

In fairness, these are the hallmarks of humanity. God offers graces to help us overcome these desires but the new thing we’re bringing to this is that we no longer even recognize these sins as sins. We just redefine it away.

I wonder if the Bible has anything to say how that’ll turn out.