George Washington University is dropping the team name “Colonials” because…they wanted to break something.

Here’s the thing. It’s completely non-serious.

There’s nothing offensive about the term colonial. It’s because America was a colony. And then we weren’t because we fought back. What are they even talking about?

But the reason it’s unserious is because they really want to get rid of the “George Washington” part but they can’t. They just can’t.

George Washington was a slave owner. He was a great man who was a man of his time. The argument these woke administrators and educators want to make is that they can’t work for a university named for a slave owner. OK. Make that argument.

But they can’t. Because the university has hundreds of thousands of alumni and many give money to their alma mater GW that they love. if the administrators change the name of the university then it will cease to be GW and all those alumni cease giving because they will consider GW to be closed and done. Most will not give to Woke U, just because it’s not their GW.

So this whole thing about getting rid of Colonials is a sad and weak attempt at breaking something but they don’t have the guts to go the whole way because then the money spigot turns off and they all have to learn to code.

It’s the same thing with a university like Yale. Here’s a portrait of Elihu Yale, who was president of the East India Trading Company which oversaw the slave trade, with a slave child. Please notice the collar around the child’s neck.

So for all the woeness going on at Yale, why not make the move and get rid of the name of the university?

So spare me the righteous anger and the indignation. This is a game meant to impact you but not them. Let’s be clear. This is a show that doesn’t impact those who run the college.

So they’ll continue toppling statues and banning Shakespeare but if they were serious they’d get rid of the names of their university. When they do that let me know.