This is Indiana, folks. Not New York or California. Indiana. If this is going down here, be assured its just about everywhere.

They hate you and want ownership of your children.

The Daily Signal:

An email unearthed by parents at an Indiana high school has revealed a districtwide support plan for students undergoing gender transition and a policy to withhold and hide information from students’ parents.

An Aug. 16 email sent by a counselor at Pendleton Heights High School in Pendleton, Indiana, informed teachers that a student had changed genders, provided new pronouns, and said teachers should not inform the student’s parents because they were “not supportive of the decision.”

The school counselor’s email concluded by telling teachers that if the student wanted to talk, she was to be sent to one of two counselors.

It’s not yet clear what grades or ages in K-12 instruction are covered by the school district’s policy. This particular email from a high school counselor, however, infuriated local parents and teachers.

Jason Payne, a parent with a child in that school district, South Madison Community School Corporation, told The Daily Signal in a text: “If staff at South Madison are willing to lie to parents about this—what else are they willing to lie about? How can I be assured my kid is safe while he’s at Pendleton if they can’t be trusted to be honest with me?”

Let’s be clear, if the school district is lying to you about your child, your child is not safe. You’re handing your children to people who would consider it a win to “gender transition” your child. They no longer educate, the indoctrinate and confuse children. They hurt them.

Families are the greatest obstacle to leftist utopian schemers. They must undermine it in order to succeed.

Catholic schools have an opportunity here to be the sane alternative that supports parents and believes in truth, not confusion.

Catholic schools need to stop acting like public schools lite, and fulfill their evangelistic mission.